Azureus Vuze is a client meant for direct P2P file exchange, alternative for the official BitTorrent, very popular around the world. As the official application, it automatically identifies clicks on special links, the so-called torrents, which contain files for downloading. Azureus Vuze enables downloading many files at a time, queuing tasks, assigning priorities and an immediate access to the most important information about the downloaded torrent.

Since version 4.3.0, the creators decided to focus on the removal of unnecessary functions in their work, raising operating speed and convenience of use, following the opinion of the users. The new Vuze is the effect of these actions, it launches much faster compared to its predecessor, reacts faster to moving around the interface and uses three times less memory. The search results display page has been cleaned up by removing unnecessary elements and highlighting the crucial ones. The integration mechanism between this page and the browser has been also optimized which significantly reduced memory use. Moreover, the ?Friends? function has been removed, as it has been at the bottom of the ranking of the most useful application elements. The creators decided to leave social mechanisms to sites such as Facebook and that they will devise a new mechanism of priority data sharing with friends without the necessity to create new identities online.

  • LicenseFree (GPL)
  • ProducerVuze
  • LanguageEnglish
  • OS/98/2000/NT/XP/7
  • Size8.6 MB
  • Downloads1362
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