Songr is a freeware tool for downloading music (MP3) from the Internet. It also downloads video clips from and song lyrics. It does not employ the recently dangerous P2P network, Internet browsers are used instead.

The procedure is very simple. Write the title of the song or the artist into the browser built in the Songr. The number of results is quite considerable, also for American artists. Additionally, information about the sound quality (bitrate) and duration is displayed next to the songs. ?Play? or ?Download? can be chosen from the context menu. The first option in case of songs will play the piece in the Windows Media Player, the second will download it to the hard drive. Songs are available in the MP3 format.

  • LicenseFree
  • ProducerSongr
  • LanguageEnglish
  • OSWinXP/Vista/7
  • Size4.2 MB
  • Downloads1813
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